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…war is not a foreign, distant event, neatly packaged by beginnings and endings, pertaining to one point in time.  It is far too convenient to bracket wars in dates.  Peace treaties may record the end of a war and attempt to guarantee war will not happen again, but they’re only meaningless pieces of paper.  For, in fact we live in a world of continual war: 300 of them, at least, since the end of World War II…We are just beginning to find out what women have done, what women are capable of being and doing and thinking, and without that knowledge we are missing a crucial link in understanding not only the process of warfare but the human condition, itself.  War is timeless, and it may be something that is rooted in us, in what it is to be a human being.  If that is so, and if we are to survive, it is important to investigate the parts played by women in war.

--Sally Hayton-Keeva


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